A Digression: Batteries

  Well, ChipiKart is done(ish). It raced at the San Mateo Maker Faire, but that’s another story. One thing I’ve been meaning to do to ChipiKart is replace the lead-acid batteries with something better, like one of the more stable lithium technologies. Those are expensive, though. But at the maker faire, I was able to

Introducing The Odd-End

I’ve been printing a lot lately with a couple of extruders. On my ORD bot, I use a MakerBot MK7, and on my cupcake, I use a MakerGear stepper plastruder. And what I’ve come to realize is that I don’t really like either of them. Or rather, I really like some elements of each, but not really

Building The Darn Thing Part 5 of n

  Maker Faire San Mateo is quickly approaching, and with it the first event of the 2013 Power Racing Series. Which means that ChipiKart is going to have to be much more than a gravity-powered death trap, and fast. With this deadline in mind, Ive been plowing ahead, and am pleased to present this thing.

Building The Darn Thing Part 5 of n

Well, I went through a quick blitz of making things, then kind of dead-ended. By which I mean I ran out of parts and had to stop work. But heres what I got done. Steering: I built the steering column! And made a steering wheel! And didnt take any pictures, but heres some video of


On The Small(er) Scale Mini sumo is something I’ve been interested in for a long time. The basic premise is simple: two robots are in a ring, and have to push each other out without falling out. There are a lot of rules, which are detailed here, but only a few really matter to me. I’m

Making Coasters

Inspiration A while ago I found out about Evil Mad Scientist Lab’s font coasters. I thought it would be lots of fun to make my own, and so I began scanning for fonts and material. I decided that Times New Roman was too drab, and settled on something more exciting — Webdings. I had been putting this

Building A Boring Head

A Carriage Stop For The Lathe I haven’t been completely idle on builds like TinyMill.I’ve just needed more tools.One thing I’ve been wanting for quite some time is a boring head for my mill. And when I was re-designing the x-y stage for TinyMill, I realized that I actually needed one. So I’m going to